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Source:List:Global2000, year:2012INA Industrija nafte dd(Ina dd)Is a croatia based company engaged in the oil and gas industry.The company’s principal activities include:Oil and gas exploration and production in croatia and abroad;Refining and marketing michael kors handbags outlet of oil cheap michael kors bags outlet products through fuels refineries, located in rijeka, sisak and zagreb;Retail sales of fuels and associated products through a network of 489 petrol stations in croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, slovenia and montenegro, and manufacturing of lubricants and related products, as well as industrial and automotive lubricating greases.In addition, ina dd throughout its subsidiaries is involved in catering and tourism, car and boat rental, as well as the provision of services related to the construction of oil and gas pipelines and plants.It is a parent company of ina group that comprises a number of subsidiaries and associate companies operating within croatia, slovenia, bosnia and herzegovina, serbia, montenegro, hungary, the united kingdom and italy.[.] more

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