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Where is pharrell’s hat promo deal Pharrell williams is everywhere you look these days, but doesn’t have a hat endorsement deal.What’s up with that?Let’s see:He was one of the few oscar show elements that anybody liked.He’s marketing a unisex perfume with comme des garons. He’s selling tshirts with louis vuitton shop online uk uniqlo.He did a jewelry collection with louis vuitton.He has licensed his giant hit happy to fiat.He’s working with g star raw, a denim company.He did a smirnoff vodka ad in australia. And now he’s going to”Create”A shoe collection with adidas.That louis vuitton bags deal, announced this week, will also involve williams’s own company bionic yarn, which recycles plastic waste from the ocean.But still no hat deal.He’s 40. This won’t actually include twerking lessons, says visiting assistant professor, carolyn chernoff.That’ll be an extracurricular activity, i guess. Disapproving:Sure, karl lagerfeld hires model cara delevingne for chanel runway shows, but that doesn’t mean he approves of all the selfies she(And many others)Puts on instagram: Selfies, he tells the guardian,”Are this horrible thing where cheap lv bags uk you are distorted.The chin is too big, the head is too small. (It)Is electronic masturbation. “Huh? In the present:As how i met your mother comes to an end, vancouver born cobie smulders tells self mag that she’s not too worried: “When i was younger, my life was about getting to the next level.’If I just get another season of this, it’s going to be OK.'”But i’ve learned if you package your happiness with if only goals, you’ll never be happy.There’s always something more you’ll want.So, now, i just try to stay present and remember how awesome i have it. ” Her post series serenity is buttressed by the fact she’s in several current and pending movies, including the big ticket avengers:Age of ultron.She’s 31. Two for one:The way you do”Conscious uncoupling,”If you’re louis vuitton uk bags rich, is to buy a $14 million malibu home with two living units.That’s what gwyneth paltrow and chris martin did just before announcing their split, says the new york post.

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