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Katie holmes makes her fashion cheap michael kors wallets week debut with holmes and yang’s spring

Since announcing her divorce from hollywood’s pre eminent movie star earlier this year, the 33 year old has been at the centre of a swirling supermarket tabloid frenzy.The poor woman has been besieged.Today’s first time appearance of holmes yang, the fashion label she runs with her old friend and stylist jeanne yang, here on new york’s schedule was breathlessly interpreted as a post tom declaration of independence.

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The real reason, said holmes, is that: “This felt natural to us.We have taken a lot of time to get to know our customer. “The label was founded three years ago, and in britain is already sold in harvey nichols.Yang added: “We have been doing things in baby steps because we really want to be careful and get to know the business. ”

According to holmes, who wore fitted black trousers, crystal studded shoes and a knotted necklace of green silk, their customers are”Intelligent, strong women of all ages”Who appreciate clothes that are”Empowering, sexy, and sensual. ”

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Presented on a group of models who stood or a sat on a scattering of wooden crates wearing manolo blahnik heels or stubbs wootton slippers, the collection was more well thought out indie film than attention seeking blockbuster.

One model reclined on a crate in a long pea green silk maxi skirt split michael kors cheap store to mid thigh and a black leather camisole, staring wistfully into the middle distance.Another clutched an attractive caramel valextra satchel wearing a slouchy orange notch lapel blazer, that holmes said was one of her favourites: “It is a jacket you can wear every day, over a pair of jeans or a work dress. ”

Her favourite item of all the collection, she added, was a cutesy taupe tea dress with a fetching reddish print. “To me,”She said: “That dress is so innocent and fun. ”

This label michael kors outlet will inevitably receive much attention thanks to the melodrama surrounding its co designer, but it deserves credit for simply being an extremely well constructed selection of sleek, don’t scare the horses womenswear.It is also all made in america, a drum holmes was keen to bang: “We make everything but the knits in new york we have a fantastic factory in la for the sweaters and we are proud of that. ”

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