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What breed is my dog crossed with

Found in britain as early as the roman invasion, the noble old english mastiff was probably brought to that island by phoenician traders as early as the 6th century bc.The 13th century explorer, marco polo, wrote that he saw 5000 mastiffs at the court of the chinese emperor kubla kahn;Those dogs were reportedly used for hunting and in war.Since then, humans have used the mastiff as an arena gladiator in the bloody sports of bull, bear, and dog combat, as a sheep guardian, as a cart puller during war, and as a personal bodyguard, protector, and companion.A mastiff came to america on the mayflower;The colonists subsequently imported others of this majestic breed.By the end of world war ii, mastiffs were almost extinct in england, because the english believed it was unpatriotic to keep a dog that ate as much as a soldier should.However, with fresh imports from the united states and canada, the breed is once again well established in today’s england and has become a dog that is revered for both its protective abilities and its extraordinary gentleness.

A mastiff is a giant breed of dog, descended from the ancient alaunt and molosser.Today, mastiff is used to describe many different breeds around the world, all descended from the same root stock.In the us and other english speaking countries, mastiff is used to refer to the old english mastiff(Oem), developed in England and nearly extinct after WW II.With that in mind, mastiffs(Oems)Are generally very large dogs;Fawn, apricot or brindle in color;All with a black mask and ears;Possessing a medium to short coat with very little white(Which, if it appears, should be confined to the chest but often appears on the toes as well).There is no upper height limit and no weight range in the mastiff standard.In height they generally range from the standard’s minimum of 27 1/2 inches up to 36 inches for the exceptionally tall ones.They can weigh anywhere from 110 pounds to the 343 pounds of zorba, the world’s largest dog, although most mastiff males weigh around 160 230 pounds and females around 120 170 pounds.This breed is supposed to be very broad with a huge head, wide chest and large bone, and is longer in body than in height the mastiff conformation standard.

Mastiffs are not supposed to resemble great danes except possibly in height, nor saint bernards, except for the bone, width, chest and large head.They should not be as wrinkled as a neapolitan nor as dome headed as a dogue de bordeaux, nor ‘houndy’ like a fila brasileiro.Mastiffs possess characteristics unique to the breed, especially the head with a broad, deep muzzle with flews hanging over the bottom lip, giving the head a square appearance.A mastiff should possess a calm, self assured temperament and be devoted to its family and friends.Mastiffs should not be aggressive to humans or other animals, including other dogs, although, unfortunately, some of them are.Mastiffs should be steady, gentle, eager for affection, good with children, calm and self assured, and used primarily as a family companion

While it is correct that the breed of Mastiff dog developed in england has pre empted the official name of ‘Mastiff’, according to the akc’s ‘the complete dog book’, 18th edition,”The breed commonly called”Mastiff”In english speaking countries is more properly described as the ‘old english’ mastiff. “From the same source: “The term ‘mastiff’ describes a group of giant varieties of dogs rather than a single breed. “Today this group of giant breed dogs is more commonly referred to as ‘molossers’.

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Hi, i’m new to this site.But i was hoping someone would be able to help me cause my best friend(My dog)Passed away recently and we never got to find out exactly what breed he was.All we were ever told was that he was a border collie cross.

Can ralph lauren milano anyone please help me, we think he may have.

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Inbreeding brings out recessive traits.Closely related dogs are more likely to have the same recessive problems.I have heard of deliberately breeding siblings to see if there are polo ralph lauren online shop outlet problems.If that doesn’t produce problems, then likely there won’t be problems breeding to other dogs.So the.

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