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What tim tebow love triangle

Taylor swift and dianna agron appear determined to prove that there are no hard feelings between them, despite both of them having flirtations with new york jets quarterback tim tebow.

The two blondes got dressed up and headed out on the town to the beverly hills polo lounge last night, whimsically celebrating actress shirley ralph lauren italia outlet maclaine birthday.The two snapped loads of instagram photos which they posted to twitter, perhaps in a show of solidarity.

Swift tweeted, dressed up full time fancy went out in celebration of shirley maclaine birthday, explaining the photos she was posting of herself and agron with two other pals.

The women all had on pastel colored dresses, swift opting for a light pink frock with spaghetti straps while agron picked a darker pink dress with a cardigan over top.Both the country singer and star wore loads of flowers in their hair as well as white gloves on their hands.

In one image, the four women pose in front of a palm tree mural and hold up signs that read, birthday shirley maclaine.

In another, the four women are seated on a bench, swift and agron leaning forward in mid conversation.In a third photo of just agron and swift, the actress laughs as swift cups her hands ralph lauren official website to her mouth cracking up.

Still, it surprising to see the two women together, as both have recently been linked to tebow.The qb was seen talking to both women during different oscars parties in february.A few days later, tebow was spotted out to dinner with swift.

But ralph lauren giacche page six soon revealed that the quarterback really had his eye on agron, and had shared with the cheerio that he was smitten with her.Tebow even invited both women to his second annual tim tebow foundation charity golf tournament earlier this month in ponte vedra, fla.

Swift and agron didn appear competitive in the photos posted last night.In addition to photos of themselves, the pair also took still life shots of their dresses on hangers, the polo lounge menu on their table, and a piece of birthday cake dedicated to ralph lauren uomo maclaine.

When asked why they chose to have a birthday party for maclaine in the first place, fellow diner claire winter tweeted, something to celebrate today it was shirley.

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