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Karl lagerfeld to provide fashion commentary for french tv michael kors handbags outlet australia

Fans of lagerfeld’s no holds barred rhetoric will recall that the kaiser branded prince williamAndthe duchess of cambridge’s nuptials as a sorry mess of”Bad proportions”,”Ugly hats”And”Short skirts michael kors outlet online sale on fat legs”.

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He damned the duke of edinburgh’s grenadier guards uniform with faint praise, sniffing: “Whatever you say, it’s better than an ugly suit,”And then declined to even discuss the queen’s yellow outfit.

France 2 was rewarded with 5 million viewers and was therefore keen to sign up his michael kors watches sale services for an encore.

In pictures:The many faces of karl lagerfeld

“I do the things they ask me.But this was michael kors bags australia not a collection, this was the choices of this kind of woman for this kind of ceremony:The bad proportions, the ugly hats, the short skirts on fat legs. ”

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